eBay不懂开源,Magento CTO失望离去

2011年,eBay花费了1.8亿美元,高价收购了Magento Inc公司,计划将Magento整合到其雄心勃勃的X.commerce平台的一部分。 而今,Magento CTO、Magento公司的共同创始人Yoav Kutner却失望离开。 谈及离开的原因,Yoav Kutner这样说:

I will answer and give much more information over the next few weeks as to the reasons I had to leave Magento. As for now I can say that (very) short term I would not be worried about the ‘open’ part of Magento, but as I have learned eBay and the folks at X.commerce don’t really understand the meaning of open and have a hard time explaining and defining it to them selves and to others. As such, long term, it would be very interesting to see if Magento will continue to stay open in the manor the people behind Magento and I meant it to be.

另外Kutner重申:eBay仍然在‘what open source means’中纠结,由于eBay不是一家开源公司,因此对开源具体意味着什么, 有些纠结。Kutner不认为eBay会终止Magento继续作为一个开源平台,不过他说eBay收购Magento一年多后,现在依旧没有勾勒出X.commerce的整个面貌。

据透露,X.commerce CTO Neal Sample于也在不久前离开eBay,加入American Express。另外PayPal的产品副总裁Sam Shrauger也离开了。