How to Migrate Magento Installation from Remote Host to Local Host

In this How-to blog, you will be learning about “How to migrate your Magento Installation from remote host to local host. There are two ways of migrating magento installation i.e. via SSH and via FTP. Here let us migrate remote host to XAMPP local test environment as we have installed Magento at remote host .

Followings are the steps to be followed:

  1. Create Database Dump from magento backend by going through admin panel> System >Tools >backups >Create Backup. Click on “gz” and download the dump file. Now save the dump file at desktop.Now create database in phpmyadmin and import the dump file. In case import fails, then try to import it again.
  2. After step 1, go to “File Manager” in cPanel and compress the Magento folder into” zip” file, provided the installation is under folder. Download this zip file to your hard drive as well. After following the above, you can extract the file structure to your local XAMPP environment. For e.g C:xampphtdocsmagento.
  3. Now, open C:windowssystem32driversetchosts and insert the following lines:
  4. After inserting the above lines, go to C:xampphtdocsmagentovar and delete all files in this folder.
  5. Once you have deleted all the files as mentioned in step 4, go to C:xampphtdocsmagentoappetc and delete use_cache.ser
  6. Now open C:xampphtdocsmagentoappetclocal.xml and update the following settings: dbuser – by default is root, dbname – the database you created in step 1, pass – by default is blank.

Migration of magento installation from remote host to local host is done.

Note: You can now enter your local test website by entering in your browser.


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