Magento:This shipping method is currently unavailable


1、请确认你的所有Shipping Method都开启。

2、确认是否填土正确的ZIP CODE


In file app/code/core/Mage/Usa/Model/Shipping/Fedex.php approx line 409:

<div><code> // find:
$responseBody = curl_exec($ch);

// add:
Mage::log($responseBody); </code></div>

Admin > Configuration > Developer > Log Settings > Enabled = Yes

Now watch var/log/system.log and var/log/exception.log for raw information received from fedex during your transactions.


The error reported by Fedex after I added the snippet from Moshe (which was in system.log, not exceptions.log) said the following

Currency code for Intra CA request must be CAD

This meant that either something was wrong with my configuration or with the currency being sent to Fedex. I checked my configuration and everything was working fine. I then checked what I was sending Fedex by adding the following line to the snippet Moshe gave me

<div><code> Mage::log($request);[/php]

This logs the request. When I looked at my log file I can see it was sending USD as the currency code. That’s odd. So I looked at the same Fedex.php file and wouldn’t you know it.. the following is on line 283

<div><code> $declaredValue->addChild(‘CurrencyCode’, ‘USD’);[/php]

YIKES! “USD” is hardcoded in as the CurrencyCode… it should be pulling it from the DB. So I’ve submitted a bug and for now replaced “USD” with “CAD” and all works now!