Enhance Opencart主题

Enhance Opencart主题,支持opencart 1.5全系列,独特设计风格,Enhance, built on the Skeleton Framework, is an extremely customizable theme for your Opencart store. Enhance brings together a variety of great plugins, design practices and tools to completely reinvent the interface of your Opencart store. Unlike many other themes, Enhance is responsive right out of the box. Simply install the theme to optimize your online shop for phones, tablets and traditional computers.


    • Completely reinvents your Opencart Store
    • Responsive design built upon the Skeleton Framework (with bits of Bootstrap also!)
    • Unlimited full screen background images powered by Supersize
    • Amazingly powerful theme editor, change colors and much more!
    • Create unlimited text groups on your homepage
    • Beautiful Cloudzoom magnification on product pages
    • jQuery animated interface

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Enhance v1.0 Opencart主题下载地址[官方完整正版][大小:1.36 MB]


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