Magento Amazon Products Manager

This useful magento extension allows you easily load and manage products from any Amazon store. Just locate the desired product and click load.

The system will load description, images, prices, and stocks. Later, products can be syncronized using the magento cron tab. It’s all you need to increase traffic to your site!

Magento Amazon Products Manager Features:

  • Loads products from Amazon: USA, UK, Japan, France, Germany, and Canada
  • Filtering by
    – Amazon categories
    – Keywords
    – Availability
    – Advanced parameters loaded specifically for the selected Amazon category
    – ASIN (multiple values comma separated)
  • Ability to copy Amazon’s catalog structure
  • Ability to select Magento Root catalog and import catalog
  • Enter associate tags
  • Change import settings
  • Set synchronization settings
  • And more…

Use Cases

  • Sell Amazon products as an affiliate. Load any products you would like to sell fast and easy.
  • Product Management. Simply use Amazon as a content storage – load product descriptions, images, reviews. Forget about copy-paste.
  • Comparison. Load Amazon products in order to compare with your ones.


Initial installation

1. Navigate to Backend->System->Tools->Compilation and click Disable button.

2. Navigate to Backend->System->Cache Management and disable cache.

3. Copy files from the zip file to your Magento Directory.

4. Relogin to the backend.