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Why Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an essential and effective sales tool, because you pay only for performance and not advertising (which does not guarantee sales). In affiliate marketing, merchants pay commissions only when the promotion results in an actual sale. Marketing your site via targeted customer channels is one of the most effective and least expensive ways to achieve higher targeted traffic and increase sales.

Why Affiliate Pro?

Affiliate Pro is the complete solution to create your own affiliate program, an essential marketing tool for every online business. This module also offers a flexible invitation program. And banner creation is also supported.

Your clients will be provided links and banners to share with their friends via email or place on their own site, blog, etc. If the referred customer purchases a product, the affiliate will get a commission and the referred customer could also get a discount. In this way, your referred customers can help make your marketing strategy more efficient.

Product Features

Sign up Affiliates and manage new accounts

  • Easy to sign up new affiliates using Magento’s sign up form or your own customized form.
  • Easy to update referral accounts.

Track commission/discount and transaction history

  • The affiliate will earn a commission and the referred customer could also get a discount
  • Easy to manage and track affiliate transactions with detailed commission and discounts for each product
  • Easy to manage and track credit.

Credit usage and Payment

  • Two ways to use credit (withdraw or apply to new purchases)
  • Select defined payment method. Decide to withdraw manually or automatically (Featured)
  • Support multiple payment methods including bank transfer and offline payment (Featured)

Refer friends

  • Easy to broadcast referral link and earn commissions (Featured)
  • Easy to connect and share on facebook, twitter, google buzz, and etc
  • Easy to send referral link to friend via email or messenger
  • Allow to import contact from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, America Online, CSV, text file…
  • Easy to post referral link and affiliate banner on website, blog, forum…
  • Easy to share referral link (refer friends) from any category or product page
  • Easy to manage and track referral visitors and invitation history
  • Use referral code for offline marketing (Featured)

Always update Affiliate information with email notification

  • Notified when account is approved
  • Notified when new program is added or balance has changed
  • Notified when customer purchases order

Manage Affiliate accounts

  • Easy to create and manage affiliate groups (New)
  • Easy to approve and manage affiliate accounts and assign affiliate to specific group (New)
  • Support auto sign-up for affiliate when customer creates account (New)
  • Support auto approve affiliate account

Create and manage multi-level marketing

  • Set commission by Affiliate level (direct referral and upper-level referral can get commission with defined rate)

Manage payment and transaction history

  • Easy to manage and track credit transactions
  • Easy to manage and process withdraw requests, support exporting pending withdral requests to CSV (Featured)

Manage invitations

  • Easy to create and manage affiliate banners with specified link
  • Support Ajax invitation form for category, product and CMS page

Email Notification setting

  • Email templates are available for both administrators and referrals

Manage commission and discount

  • Allow admin to create flexible rules for affiliate program (New)
    • – Apply program on specific products, specific categories
    • – Create conditions, based on catalog rule and cart rules
    • – Apply program on products with specific attributes conditions (Hot)
    • – Apply program on whole order. Ex: order greater than 500$, order with more than 2 items… (Hot)
    • – Apply program on specific affiliate group (Hot)
  • Allow to assign program to multiple affiliate groups (New)
    • – Allow to set program commission and discount
    • – Allow to assign category and product to program
    • – Allow to set active period (from time to time) for program
    • – Easy to view total member and total commission of program
    • – Easy to manage and track program transactions
  • Easy to manage and track affiliate transactions with detail commission and discount for each order and product
  • Multiple-discount tracking for different orders’ order


  • See at a glance who generates the most referrals and additional income
  • Show report of affiliate sales by period.
  • Show report of deferral sites by period.

Highlight Features

  • Multi-level marketing (Featured)
  • Support multiple affiliate programs (Featured)
  • Create flexible rules for program, based on catalog rule and cart orders (Featured)
  • Handle sale affiliate tracking automatically via cookie, client IP and client accounts
  • Support affiliate referral code for offline marketing (Featured)
  • Allow to create unlimited programs with fixed or percentage commission and discount (Featured)
  • Allow to create affiliate group and apply program rules on specific groups
  • Per-product commission and discount tracking, even on orders with multiple products and multiple programs
  • Apply program by maximum commission, maximum discount or priority for products (Featured)
  • Automatically close program after valid period
  • Auto-subtract commission in case of refunding or cancelled order
  • Maximize referral potential by full-supporting recent referrals (provide links and banners for sharing on Facebook, twitter, blog, website… and via email)
  • Email confirmation and notification for both admin and clients (new members, new programs, balance change …)
  • View affiliate transaction (always auto-update balance change with detailed comments)
  • Easy manage affiliate member and their history (full information storing)
  • MP5 encryption for affiliate link to protect client’s privacy




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