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Package Features
Disk Space 250 Megs of Disk Space
Monthly Bandwidth 5 Gigs of Bandwidth

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Domain Features
Domain name Yes
Domain management Yes


Email Features
POP3 Email Accounts Unlimited
Web Based Email Yes
Email Alias Accounts Unlimited
Vacation Auto-Responder Unlimited
Email forwarders Unlimited
Catch-all Account Yes


Hosting Features
Sub Domains Yes
FTP Access Yes
Online file manager for upload/download Yes
Password protected directories Yes
Custom error messages Yes
Backup and restore features Yes
Majordomo Mailing List Server Yes
Web Server Reports Yes
Hosting Administrative Console for Hosting Management Yes


Supported Technologies
Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions Yes
Server Side Includes (SSI) Yes


Additional Features
Free Mister Analytics (website traffic statistics program) Yes
Free Search Engine Submissions Yes
Free Web Site Advertising Yes
Recommended Online Site Builder Yes
Free Bonus Gifts worth over $500 Yes