Display Promotion & Random Products in Magento

There are two unused product list blocks in Magento which can be very useful if you push a few buttons, edit few layouts ..


1. Promotion
Block located in app\code\core\Mage\Catalog\Block\Product\List\Promotion.php

This is basically built in featured product functionality. It reacts to “promotion” attribute which needs to be created, so let’s click
Catalog->Attributes->Manage Attributes->Create New Attribute

Attribute Code: promotion
Scope: Global
Catalog Input Type for Store Owner: Yes/No


Label: Promotion (second tab)

Other params can be left alone, but it’s up to you of course. I also labeled it Promotion just for this article.

Now we need to add created attribute to attribute set, so navigate to
Catalog->Attributes->Manage Attribute Sets
select attribute set you’re using and drag promotion to General group for example.


Now when you’re editing your products, there is new “Promotion” option under General tab.


Products on which you select Yes will be shown on promotion block which can be displayed through layouts with

<block type=”catalog/product_list_promotion” name=”product_promotion” template=”catalog/product/list.phtml”/>

or as cms content with

{{block type=’catalog/product_list_promotion’ template=’catalog/product/list.phtml’}}

This attribute should really be included in default attribute set or in Magento sample data.

2. Random
Block located in app\code\core\Mage\Catalog\Block\Product\List\Random.php

This block loads random product collection from current store.

The fastest way to display it would also be something like

<block type=”catalog/product_list_random” name=”product_random” template=”catalog/product/list.phtml”/>

since it also extends product_list block, however, since it is random product listing, that toolbar has no purpose here, so create phtml that will suit your shop needs, based on catalog/product/list.phtml. For example, i’m using similar Random block to display random products in sidebar.

So long, take care, i’m off …