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Here you can get a Free VPS Server Hosting trial without credit card(no credit card required) no paypal payment required. Get your Free VPS now,at lease 1 year free!

FREE VPS Requirement: (AmazingVpsHosting provided 50+ free vps on year 2013,FREE VPS still available today!)

1. You need have an English website which has Google pagerank >= 2    and built at least 6 months 

2. Add below 2 text links to your website index home page:

Link 1: Text: Xen VPS    LinkTo: ​http://www.comfortvps.com/
Link 2: Text: Free VPS  LinkTohttp://www.amazingvpshosting.com/Hosting/Free-VPS-Server-Hosting-trial-without-credit-cardno-credit-card-required.html

NOTE: We maybe will change the links requirment infuture, but you don't need to change after you get the free vps. and Don't put link in javascript and please use different color from background.

3. After you added the link to your website index home page, tell us your website domain name to check the link. Please open a Ticket via this link (Need register a new account first) to require a free vps.

4. You will get your Free VPS Hosing Server Hosting trial within 3 days
without credit card(no credit card required) no paypal payment required

Amazing VPS Hosting Free VPS Hosing Server Hosting trial details:

  1. Google pagerank = 2,  you will get a Free VPS Hosting FOREVER with Ram 256MB, Disk 10GB,200GB bandwidth
  2. Google pagerank = 3,  you will get a Free VPS Hosting FOREVER with Ram 512MB, Disk 20GB,500GB bandwidth
  3. Google pagerank = 4,  you will get a Free VPS Hosting FOREVER with Ram 1GB, Disk 25GB,1000GB bandwidth
  4. Google pagerank = 5,  you will get a Free VPS Hosting FOREVER with Ram 1.5GB, Disk 30GB,1500GB bandwidth
  5. Google pagerank = 6,  you will get a Free VPS Hosting FOREVER with Ram 2GB, Disk 40GB,2000GB bandwidth

Q: I don't meet the free vps reqirement, can I get a vps trial somewhere?

You can get a 512M Xen VPS 30 days VPS Free Trial with $1.95 setup fee if you don't meet our free vps requirement.Click Free VPS Trial for details.

Q:Free VPS Server Hosting FOREVER ?

Yes, it is FOREVER if you keep our link on your website index home page forever, then you can get a Free VPS Server Hosting FOREVER

Q:I'v 2 website with PR=2, can I get 2 Free VPS?

Yes, you can get 2 free vps if you like. or you can merge these 2 vps to one with bigger ram,disk space,bandwidth. eg. You have one website with PR=2 and another website with PR=3, then you can get one free vps with ram 256M+512M ,disk 10G+20G and 200G+500G bandwith.   You can get a 256MB free vps if you have two pr=1 websites.

Q:What's OS can you provide for this Free VPS? Any support or control panel? Any other rules?

CentOS,Debian,Ubuntu,Free VPS is total un-managed, no control panel, only ssh root.

   TOS:Please read our free vps tos hereFree VPS TOS

Q:Do I need move my website to your free vps?

No. you don't need move. you can use our free vps for other new website if you like.

Q:Does free domain name or sub-domain name allowable for free vps?

No. We need top domain name such as .com/.net/.org because we don't have too many free vps